The Minecraft Travelogue: White Horses and Signs: Days 10-11

On Day 2 of my journey across the world, I died. I was lost for days, directionless, shelterless, homeless.

Days 10-11

When I went to bed, I was pining for a paradise. Little did I know that today I would find one.

Leaving River City found me again on the plains. Will they never end? I found horses, but I still have no saddle.

In the middle of a field I found a patch of jack-o-lanterns. Who carved these? And why did they leave them here? This patch seemed an omen and didn’t sit right with my stomach.

Minecraft Travelogue

By noon, though, something strange happened. I came across a town, yet again, but this town was different. I’d been here before. Was I walking in circles?

Minecraft Travelogue

Minecraft Travelogue

The people here, they greeted me. This was Block Town, the site of my awakening! This is where I fought the zombie hordes! This is where I laid the torn-up floor with acacia wood!

Minecraft Travelogue

When I died, I was reborn into this world. I am a Pneuma, an immortal spiritual being. My body may die, but my spirit remains. Some people believe that when we die we travel to another world. I, too, thought I had gone to another plane, but I was wrong. I was sent back to this place. There must be a reason!

I didn’t spend much time in the town. I needed to find my hidey hole, the place where I was cut down.

Minecraft Travelogue

I wandered the plains all night, searching, longing. To my surprise (and unease) no monsters were resurrected, not a single one. Every night of my life, monsters have come out at night. But not this night. The fields were clear. This must be a sign!

I found two villages but didn’t stay long. In one village, while all were asleep, I sneaked in and stole their gold and iron. I was delirious, low on food and sleep. It’s not a good excuse, and I’m not proud of my actions, but they cannot be undone now.

Morning came and I continued my search. Would I ever find my grave? I must! I must backtrack, look for familiar landmarks.

And then I started seeing them. I found the black horse, the mother with her colts, the ones I spared from death. Her colts were fully grown now. How long was I gone? I only have memory of walking this earth 10 days, and yet I must have been gone for months after my death. The passing from life to death to life seemed but a moment to my consciousness.

Minecraft Travelogue

I continued onward and found the herd of white horses. Too many signs in one day! I knew I was one the right track.

Minecraft Travelogue

Then I found the pond, the one I’d excavated the sand from.

Minecraft Travelogue

And then the lava pit, now filled in with said sand. My hole was not far away!

Minecraft Travelogue

I ran in circles, looking through the weeds and long grass. My hole was well-hidden, that much was true.

And then I found it. Zombie meat lay at the doorway: apparently I’d taken down one with me.

Minecraft Travelogue

And inside, all of my items, my seeds, my box, my wooden pick-axe and wooden axe.

Minecraft Travelogue

The sight was too much. I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried. How I found my way back here I do not know.

Outside, I constructed pillars with torches: this should help me should I get lost again.

Minecraft Travelogue

I went inside my hole, laid my bed and built a fire. I was home. I’d made it. I’d survived. Before I move on, I know I must do something. I must leave a landmark commemorating this blessing. God has returned me to this world. He’s kept me safe, he always does.

Minecraft Travelogue

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