The Minecraft Travelogue: The Pillar of Sand: Days 15-17

I am traveling across the world of Minecraft, not sure what I will find. I’m finding this world is far more populated than I expected, which brings me solace, but the horrors are multiplying, which brings me sadness.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Day 15

I went to bed frustrated, just wanting to move on and get away from this place of humiliation as fast as possible. But I couldn’t do that. This Cross was supposed to be a waystation for the stranded. I couldn’t just take all the items and not replenish them. I had to leave the next person tools.

I spent the morning mining stone. I wasn’t much—wasn’t as good as iron—but it was better than nothing. I crafted myself a set of stone tools, then left a set of stone and wooden tools for the next person: axes, swords, and pick-axes. I left blocks of wood, carrots, bread, and steak. This should help somebody.

Then I wrote down the coordinates: x = 19, y = 65, z = 163. If I found somebody who needed help, this is where I’d send them.

Before I continued my journey, however, there was one last thing I needed to do. I needed to find that herd of white horses.

Saddles are rare and much too difficult to craft on one’s own. Knowledge of saddlemaking seems to have passed from this world. But one day I would find a saddle, and when I did, I would lay it on one of these white horses. These white horses are too important for me.

I found them and erected a pillar of sand to mark the spot. I wrote down the coordinates for this place as well: x = -207, y = 64, z = 13. I might go miles and miles before I find a saddle: I might have to backtrack miles and miles to find these horses. But I would come for them.

Minecraft Travelogue

Isn’t that what the Lord taught me? Go after that which is precious to you, no matter how far the walk.

By now, though, I’d burned most of my daylight. I needed to get moving. I began my trek across the plains as night fell. Would monsters rise up again? Last night they came in droves. I’d take my chances.

I walked a long time, nothing but the swishing of long grass to entertain my ears. I found a creeper, but I let him pass. Though I carried my sword at all times, I would not use it on another life tonight. I sustained myself with carrots, not meat.

Minecraft Travelogue

I found a pool of lava, which brightly lit the night. And surrounding the pool, something I’d never seen before: a field of sunflowers! Lava was very much a source of pain in my life: I can still feel the burning sensation on my skin from last night. And yet, all of this beauty and life surrounding the lava. It made me pause. I picked some flowers, and thought, maybe this lava isn’t so bad after all. Maybe I don’t need to be afraid of it. At one time, I filled in a pit of lava, afraid it would burn down the savanna.

And yet here was proof that life could co-exist with lava!

Minecraft Travelogue

I continued on, passing cattle and sheep and pigs aplenty. Finally, the sun rose over the trees, reflecting across the water. Today is a new day. I feel like good fortune is in my future.

Minecraft Travelogue

Days 16-17

I continued my quest to find meaning. I found a forest and thought I was leaving these dry and barren plains for good. How wrong I could be. After a brief interlude, more grass.

Minecraft Travelogue

These last few days I’ve been gathering more resources: a few cow hides here, a few bundles of sheep’s wool there. I have some coal again, and iron, but no way to smelt it.

I did, though, find something disturbing. Two creepers standing out in the daylight: shouldn’t they burn up or something? I killed them and harvested their gunpowder.

Minecraft Travelogue

And then I found a spider, also wandering the day like the living. His carcass yielded two strands of string. One more and I can make a bow.

Minecraft Travelogue

I built a shelter at night, but sleep eluded me. On the horizon I saw a burning tree. I passed that tree on my trek up the hillside. It was next to a pool of lava. I chose not to put out the fires. Had I not saw just days before life blooming next to death?

Minecraft Travelogue

Apparently the rules of the universe are not consistent everywhere. That tree died. And I could’ve saved it.

One thought on “The Minecraft Travelogue: The Pillar of Sand: Days 15-17

  1. “I did, though, find something disturbing. Two creepers standing out in the daylight: shouldn’t they burn up or something?”
    No, Creepers are unnaffected by daylight.

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