The Minecraft Travelogue: Selina Went Missing: Day 37

Seven witches are destroying this world by raising an army of undead warriors. My job is to hunt and kill the seven witches, though I take on this task reluctantly. Perhaps killing these witches will restore balance to the world.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Day 37

I left Morto–the town where I unintentionally erected a church for the undead–wanting to ride, wanting to get as far away from people as possible. And yet, villages kept cropping up. I found another desert (or perhaps this is just one large desert broken up by small oases of grass, not the other way around), and with it, another village. The place was called Dogwood. I didn’t intend to stay long.

I met a priest who offered me a Bottle o’ Enchanting. Intrigued, I traded an emerald for three. I’ve never seen these before so I snatched them up, not know what they did. Turns out they gave me some small amount of experience points. It was a worthless trade upon reflection.

Minecraft Travelogue

I took my diamonds, though, and reforged my sword. My first diamond sword, Shiner, fell into the lava. I named this new sword Shinest and vowed to not lose it so fast.

As the sun was setting I found yet another pyramid. Will these never end? The witches have left their mark all across this world. I waited until sundown: if there was a witch in there, I would find it.

Minecraft Travelogue

I went back to Dogwood to see if the people knew anything about the temple. They did, but they didn’t tell me much. The witch may have moved on, but she had a follower as well, a traitor, a young woman named Selina who was assisting the witch in her evil mechanizations. When the townsfolk heard I was going to the pyramid at night, they gathered outside, many of them wanting to come as well. If the witch was there, they wanted to watch me kill it.

Minecraft Travelogue

But if Selina was there, they wanted to hang her.

I can’t take these people and their thirst for revenge!

If I’ve learned anything while hunting witches it’s this: witches cannot be fought on emotion. They are doing a bad thing to the world and must be stopped: that much I agree with. But if personal feelings are injected into the equation, the witch will win. Witches are crafty; evil oftentimes controls its emotions much better than people of the Light.

All this preparation, though, was almost for naught. I investigated the temple but found no witch. Instead, I found a zombified villager. It wore a necklace and earrings: could this have been Selina? What happened between her and the witch? Perhaps Selina had outlasted her usefulness, and in her flight away from this pyramid, the witch left Selina to the zombies she’d helped create. Poetic justice for a traitor, or a pitiful tragedy?

Minecraft Travelogue

I felled the zombie, then blew up the temple. It wasn’t my most impressive explosion ever; I’ve gotten a bit rusty since I took a break from temple destroying to build churches. But it would do. The message would be sent all the same.

Minecraft Travelogue

I did not plan on returning to Dogwood. If they want to see what I found, they can come out here and see the evidence for themselves. And they’ll see Selina’s dead, zombified body.

I honestly don’t want to think about what they will do to her body.

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