The Minecraft Travelogue: The Third Witch Denalia: Day 38

Seven witches are destroying this world by raising an army of undead warriors. My job is to hunt and kill the seven witches, though I take on this task reluctantly. Perhaps killing these witches will restore balance to the world.

Two witches have been slayed: five more remain.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Day 38

This desert is long and arduous. I wanted to escape as quickly as possible, to find the swamp and the witch T’shira. But no sooner had my journey began I found yet another pyramid.

This was getting ridiculous, I thought. There’s no way I can destroy all of these pyramids. What I came to realize as the day wore on is that much desert covers this part of the world, and all of these pyramids are evidence of a great witching community that existed sometime in the past. I should be grateful that such a thriving witch coven no longer exists: I am certain, though, that another could rise again if not for my actions.

Minecraft Travelogue

I decided to simply raid the temple and be done with it. I went inside, perhaps too confidently, but found no witch. I found the treasure hole and took the TNT. The chests, though, were filled with more treasure than usual. Over 12 ingots of gold, an emerald, and an enchanted book. This witch had a lot of valuables: gold is useful for many things, but emeralds are only useful for trading with villagers. Was this witch still around, perhaps?

Minecraft Travelogue

The enchantment was curious: feather falling level IV. What this means is that, when applied to boots, the wearer can fall from great heights and take little damage. While I’ve been careful about falling so far, such an enchantment would grant me additional protections.

Before I can use it, though, I need an anvil, and an anvil will require lots of iron.

Why did the witch create such an enchantment? Was she trying to fly and wanted the enchantment as a precaution against falling? I didn’t ask such questions at the time: I took the goods and left as fast as possible.

I left the desert and found more prairie. Then, desert again. I was starting to get the picture about this area. Much war had happened here in the past: all of these deserts are scars that refuse to heal.

Minecraft Travelogue

By nightfall I came across another village. I do not know the name of this place, but I am dubbing it “Stupid Town.” I watched two villagers in a row get caught between the village well and a cactus. The cactus hurt them, and they died before I could reach them.

Minecraft Travelogue

A dying villager.

I finally broke apart the cactus after seeing two more villagers get hurt on it. I’ve only been here 30 seconds and already the small population was decimated. I left as soon as I could, disgusted.

Minecraft Travelogue

Is this world even worth saving if it is populated by people so dumb? I am beginning to ask myself such questions.

I left the town straight away, wandering the desert. The desert was actually quite beautiful at night.

Minecraft Travelogue

A traveler had explained to me the origin of the lava pools. He said that back in the Witching Wars (I’m not certain yet whether these wars happened before or after the witches created the deserts) witches rained fire from the heavens. These meteorites burned the ground and left permanent wellsprings of lava bubbling from deep within the earth.

Minecraft Travelogue

Just as I was about to call it a night, I saw a witch roaming the desert. She was surrounded by scores of undead. Perhaps that temple I raided all those miles ago was hers? Why was she so far from home?

Before I attacked her I built a cage for Lightning. I would not be taking her into battle, diamond armor or not.

Minecraft Travelogue

As I approached the witch I disposed of several undead, including two baby zombies. The baby zombies were most frightening. It is hard to tell how old adult zombies are: they could be a few weeks to several decades old. But baby zombies, baby zombies are young. Because their bodies are so frail they usually don’t survive very long in the wild.

Seeing two baby zombies in a row could only mean one thing: a witch is creating new zombies, and from human children!

Minecraft Travelogue

I approached the witch from behind, sneaking up on her. But she saw me and threw potions at me. She said her name was Denalia; not the T’Shira I was looking for. She poisoned me, but I killed her before she could attack any further.

Minecraft Travelogue

This night ended up being more successful than I anticipated. I continued walking, hoping to find my way out of this desert.

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