The Minecraft Travelogue: The Swamp of Disenchantment: Days 39-41

Seven witches are destroying this world by raising an army of undead warriors. My job is to hunt and kill the seven witches, though I take on this task reluctantly. Perhaps killing these witches will restore balance to the world.

Three witches have been slayed: four more remain.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Days 39-40

I rode all day and little of interest happened. I finally exited the desert, then found water. And then, by afternoon, a swamp came into view!

Minecraft Travelogue

I’ve been looking for a swamp for two reasons. One, to find more witches to kill. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I was looking for slimeballs. These will allow me to make leads, which will allow me to lead animals behind me. In the past month, I occasionally found forests, but the forests were thick with low-hanging branches. I could not ride my horse through; traversing them requires a lot of hacking and slashing just to make a path.

So far I’ve been able to avoid the forests, but if I have to cross one someday, I need a lead for Lightning.

I approached the swamp cautiously. Evil could be afoot: I’ve never been to a swamp, so I didn’t know what to expect. Water filled the area, making travel with my horse difficult. I should’ve anticipated this.

I found, though, blue flowers, which filled my heart with joy. I’ve never seen such flowers before: perhaps they only grow in swamps? Perhaps these places aren’t entirely evil after all. I gathered as many as I could. Someday they will be the cornerstone for a memorial, just as the sunflowers I gathered previously were a gift to the herd of horses from which I took Lightning.

Minecraft Travelogue

As night fell I built a shelter for protection. In the morning I constructed an anvil, sacrificing a lot of iron in the process. With the anvil I applied the enchantment spell, Feather Falling, to my boots. Now I was protected from falls of great height.

Minecraft Travelogue

Now it was time to explore this swamp. How big was it? Would I find witches and slimes? I started by climbing the mountains behind my shelter to get a lay of the land. These mountains were so high that snow covered the tops! I have never seen snow in my life; such beauty.

Minecraft Travelogue

As I climbed down the mountain I found water gushing from a rock. This was a sign that I would have success and that my mission was blessed! The day was growing thin, so I went to bed, prepared to thoroughly search the swamp in the morning.

Minecraft Travelogue

Day 41

I built a boat, my first ever, and set sail before dawn. I put Lightning in a pen; unfortunately, she was no use in this geography.

Minecraft Travelogue

I sailed most of the day but quickly got myself turned around. This swamp played tricks on my eyes. But to my disappointment, I soon found the edges of the swamp. Forests and plains bordered. There were no witches here. There was no slime.

By late afternoon I found lava gushing from a rock, a countersign to the water I witnessed yesterday. This swamp would not yield my journey any fruit.

Minecraft Travelogue

I’ve been longing for this swamp for weeks, but once I finally got here I found little to brighten my spirits.

I made my way back to my cabin and prepared to leave again in the morning.

Minecraft Travelogue

As the sun set and reflected across the waters, I wondered what lands lay ahead. Would I ever find these witches? And perhaps more importantly, for the first time I wondered, would I ever find satisfaction in my life?

Minecraft Travelogue

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