The Minecraft Travelogue: Restocking My Life: Days 67-72

Seven witches are destroying this world by raising an army of undead warriors. My job is to hunt and kill them. Perhaps killing these witches will restore balance to the world.

Five witches have been slayed: two more remain.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Days 67-68

After my death I returned to Waystation Island, but I had absolutely nothing of use in the short term. No tools, no weapons, no armor, no food, no building supplies. Lightning was stilled penned up a ways off, and my chest still contained all my valuables, like gems and obsidian. But those items are for long term projects. In the short term, I needed to survive and restock my supplies.

So here I was, punching a tree again to get sticks.

Minecraft Travelogue

For food, I decided to grow wheat. It would be time consuming, but as no animals lived in this ocean worth eating, it was my only option. Fortunately the island was full of native grasses. I ripped up all the grass in search of seeds.

Minecraft Travelogue

The island was surrounded by salt water, but fortunately, on the southeast end, there was a small freshwater pond. I cultivated the land and planted the seeds. I didn’t have many. Once these plants grew up, though, they would spawn more seed.

Minecraft Travelogue

Minecraft Travelogue

I also planted sugarcane, which yielded paper when crafted. I needed lots of paper for lots of books. Eventually I needed stacks of books so that I could properly enchant my tools and weapons. This was a long term project, and definitely unnecessary for my short term survival. But I can’t keep thinking about the next day. I have to look ahead.

Minecraft Travelogue

By Day 68, my crops were coming along nicely. I harvested a few bushels of wheat then replanted the seeds. Slowly my garden was growing.

Minecraft Travelogue

Day 69

I thought this island was safe from the undead, but I was wrong. A creeper somehow crossed the ocean and got onto my land! Before I could properly slay it, the creeper exploded, creating a nasty hole on the south side of the island.

Minecraft Travelogue

Days 70-71

The oak trees continued to populate the island. I had plenty of work to do and spent my days and nights clearly wood, replanting trees, and doing it all over again.

Minecraft Travelogue

Minecraft Travelogue

I missed the company of Lightning, so I let her out of her pen to wander the island while I worked. But Lightning quickly gave me a scare and I regretted letting her loose. She began swimming in the water and trotting along the land bridge. She wasn’t the brightest horse (I recalled the time she climbed trees and hopped along the canopy of a forest), and I feared for her safety.

Minecraft Travelogue

To make matters worse, I started to hear the gurgling moans of the undead. Where were these creatures coming from? How did they get this far out to sea? Were they crossing my land bridge? Maybe I should destroy sections that I’ve already crossed. But before I could give that idea any consideration, I needed to thoroughly protect this island at all costs.

I scoured the land all night, putting up torches and felling trees so that I had a clear line of sight.

Minecraft Travelogue

Eventually I found a shambling zombie. And it was so close to Lightning! I killed it in anger, hoping this would be the last undead on my refuge island.

Minecraft Travelogue

Day 72

With the monsters cleared, I went back to my work. I chopped down so many trees. I harvested enough wheat to make a few loaves of bread, and even had some apples from the trees. I put Lightning back in her pen, deposited my unneeded tools in my chest, and then prepared to resume construction on the second land bridge.

Minecraft Travelogue

Minecraft Travelogue

This time I am determined to make it across this accursed ocean.

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