The Minecraft Travelogue: Land Ho: Days 92-94

Seven witches are destroying this world by raising an army of undead warriors. My job is to hunt and kill them. Perhaps killing these witches will restore balance to the world.

Five witches have been slayed: two more remain.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Day 92

My packs fully stocked with chords of wood, I continued building the land bridge west.

Minecraft Travelogue

To my great surprise, land was only 200 meters away! I had spent over a week preparing for this next leg of the journey, and a new continent was there all along.

Minecraft Travelogue

Upon reaching the shores, I realized this was no barren tropical island trapped in the middle of the Orange Ocean. This was indeed a significant land mass. I’ve never seen land like this before. The oranges and yellows and browns were a welcome change of scenery. I couldn’t wait to leave this ocean behind.

Minecraft Travelogue

What do they call this land? Does anybody even live here? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out! I forgot all about my horse and my bridge and wandered aimlessly throughout the afternoon.

Minecraft Travelogue

Sand was everywhere, and the buttes were made of hardened, sun-baked clay. Not much appeared to grow here. Was this a bad place? Perhaps they call it the Bad Lands.

Minecraft Travelogue

Minecraft Travelogue

There was a quiet beauty, though, to all this stillness. I could get used to this place.

Minecraft Travelogue

Night was falling fast, and I needed to get back to Lightning. I turned around and went east again, toward my land bridge, when suddenly, monsters appeared!

Minecraft Travelogue

So witches were here, causing trouble! I had to dispose of this evil as soon as I could.

I ran. I didn’t want to engage with any mobs tonight.

Minecraft Travelogue

On my way back to the bridge, I found more floating rocks, the biggest ones I’ve seen yet on my journey. What was happening to this world?

Minecraft Travelogue

Day 93

The next day, I brought Lightning to the Bad Lands, along with all my gear. I built a little pen for her. She seemed content with this place, though the sand made her steps uneasy.

Minecraft Travelogue

I built myself a house with an overhang to protect from the sun. I had all of this extra material I’d harvested. Tiny Island was created specifically for the production of wood. What was I going to do with all of this wood now? I needed to find some project, so I planned to stay on the shore for some time until I exhausted my material.

Minecraft Travelogue

And then it came to me: a triumph gate! I would build a massive gate to greet anybody who happened to find their way onto my land bridge. People could seek protection inside the gate. And the gate would be so tall that people could see it from miles away!

That’s my project.

I laid a foundation and began building skyward.

Minecraft Travelogue

A skeleton hid below, but I was too high for him to attack. I paid him no mind. I worked long into the night, completely absorbed by my new task.

Minecraft Travelogue

Day 94

As the sun rose, I exited the first tower only to find a creeper staring me in the face. He’d sneaked up in the night and exploded before I could react, right on top of my chest of wood. I may have lost some material in the process; I don’t know. Hopefully I have enough wood to finish this project. Otherwise, this will be a monument to hubris, not perseverance. How foolish was I to start building something so massive while assuming I’d be able to complete it! And that this land was safe!

Minecraft Travelogue

It certainly is not.

You know what they say about the man who builds upon the sand.

One thought on “The Minecraft Travelogue: Land Ho: Days 92-94

  1. nice. i was planning on being a youtuber, but it was too hard, and i just stopped, but now i figured out that this is just as good as youtube. nice job, and keep up the good work.

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