The Minecraft Travelogue: The Completed Gate: Days 95-99

Seven witches are destroying this world by raising an army of undead warriors. My job is to hunt and kill them. Perhaps killing these witches will restore balance to the world.

Five witches have been slayed: two more remain.

This is my journey. My only goal is to tell a good story.

Days 95-96

After recovering from the explosion by the creeper, I settled myself and went back to work.

This will be a gate of triumph. I cannot let the undead tear down the work of mankind.

By midday, I finished the two towers. Now it was time to connect them and make this a true gate.

Minecraft Travelogue

By the next day, I finished connecting the towers. The gate looked a little plain, however. I added molding to the base, which was easy. The harder task will be adding molding to the top.

Minecraft Travelogue

Minecraft Travelogue

Not ready to construct scaffolding and work on the top, I took a break to mine some yellow clay from a nearby butte. This yellow clay would make a great building material once I hit the road again. I needed to make best use of my daylight to gather material like this. I will be very low on wood once I finish this gate. I’m not going to be foolish and use all my wood: I don’t know how plentiful trees are in this area. But I obviously cannot carry thousands of blocks with me.

Minecraft Travelogue

The yellow clay formed in strips, so I had to eliminate some gray and orange clays to get to it. But I didn’t want to destroy this beautiful land, even if nobody did live out here. So as night fell, I filled in my gaps.

Minecraft Travelogue

Days 97-99

Constructing the top molding took a lot longer than I expected. I had to be very careful not to fall off my scaffolding. Fortunately, I was safe. After two days, the molding was finished, and the gate looked much more magnificent.

Minecraft Travelogue

Originally I thought the gate would be finished at this point, but I still had plenty of wood left. I realized there was much space on top of the gate, so I decided to add two smaller lookout towers.

Minecraft Travelogue

Finally, my gate was completed. Upon examination, it doesn’t seem that impressive. It’s entirely made out of wood, making it susceptible to rot. Who knows how long this will stand before it crumples under its own weight?

But the gate of triumph had a humbleness about it. Maybe it didn’t matter that it wasn’t a permanent structure. Hopefully some wayward traveler would cross the Orange Ocean and be filled with just a little bit of joy.

At the very least, the gate is a reminder to future travelers that somebody was here, that somebody made it across the ocean.

And a new life could begin.

Minecraft Travelogue

Tomorrow will be Day 100. One hundred days since I found myself in this world and began my travels west. It’s quite the milestone, and I think it’s time to move on. It’s taken me weeks to get across the ocean and find this new land. I’ve only so far explored the shore.

Time to get moving.

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