Tetris Shelves

About six weeks ago I detailed my stop sign table project, which was a great introduction to woodworking. In October, I stepped up my game to create Tetris shelves, seven individual floating shelves that resemble the pieces, or tetrominoes, of that famous game. I think the results came out quite well!

Tetrominoes are constructed using four squares arranged in seven patterns. Really, there are five unique patterns, but two are reversed (the L and Backwards-L, and the Z and S shapes).

I created the shelves using an 8″ square as the base. Thus, the line is 8″ by 32″, the L is 24″ wide by 16″ tall, etc.

I used 1″ x 6″ boards, cut to the appropriate lengths. The process of constructing them was pretty simple, though time consuming: Measure the wood, cut the wood, sand the wood, nail the wood together, paint the wood, distress the wood.

I painted the shelves with spray paint, then sanded the paint to tone down the brightness.

Overall I’m pleased with the shelves! Due to slight warping in the wood, they don’t all lay exactly flat, but they do all fit together, just like Tetris blocks should.

I hung them by placing 3-5 nails on the underside of each block. I’m not putting a lot of weight on the shelves, so they’ve been hanging successfully for about two weeks now!

Overall, a pretty easy project that provides for some interesting storage spaces!

Game on,

T-shape and line shape Tetris shelves

T-shape and line shape tetris shelves in bedroom

Here are the shelves in context between my bed and dresser. They don’t stick out far from the wall so they don’t get in the way.

Square and L-shape tetris shelves

On these shelves especially you can see how the grain and knots of the wood show through the paint, which I like.

Square and L-shape tetris shelves in living room

The shelves in context. Soon I’ll be upgrading the TV, but the shelves will still be visible above it.

Z, S, and Backward-L shaped tetris shelves

By leaving gaps between the blocks, you can create more shelf space.

Z, S, and Backward-L shapes in context

These shelves fill a small space between the kitchen and dining room (D&D materials on the kitchen table!).

One thought on “Tetris Shelves

  1. Wasn’t here for a whole damn 3 months so I decided to come back here and read the new parts of the Minecraft Travelogue. Why aren’t you making new posts, though? This one is 14 days old and it’s the newest one on this blog. If you have no time for it I feel pretty sorry for you because I have, like, 15 hours of free time on weekends and 9 hours of free time on school days.

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