Lost Star Wars comics: The Return of Fett; with author’s commentary!

I was digging through some old papers last week and came across this gem from yester-decade: my Star Wars comic!

The comic was my attempt at answering that age-old question: What happened to Boba Fett after he fell in the sarlacc pit?

The comic is undated, but it had to be pre-Star Wars: Episode 2, so before 2002. The reason I know this is that I, like many others, often wondered what Boba Fett looked like under his helmet (revealed in this comic!), and Episode 2 answered that question. I was in 10th grade when Episode 2 came out, but I’m guessing I did this comic in 8th or 9th grade.

The comic was planned to be a trilogy, but as you’ll see soon, I never finished issue 2. I have no idea how the story was supposed to end.

I’m posting the comic here for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully it adds a bit of levity to your day!

Part 1: The Return of Fett

Boba Fett comic


As you can see, I had high hopes for this comic! It’s both a Special Edition cover, and an issue 0!

Boba Fett comic

What an action-packed opening! Fett is being slowly digested by the sarlacc, but with the help of his blaster and jet pack he escapes! He’s obviously been in here for awhile, having lost his foot and finger. Why he didn’t try to escape earlier before losing his foot, I don’t know.

Boba Fett comic


Under the hot Tatooine sun, Boba Fett begins his march back to civilization. I was really proud of the alternating footprint/bloodprint in the sand. In panel 2, there’s the big reveal of Fett’s identity. As you can see, I was a bit influenced by Cloud‘s design from Final Fantasy VII.

Who’s that attacking in panel 4?

Boba Fett comic

Oh no, the sand people! It’s a little hard to tell in panel 3, but a robotic hand grabs the head of the staff, then gives Boba Fett a hand! Take that!

Boba Fett comic

In panels 1-3, we see the mysterious stranger give Boba Fett a ride to Jabba’s palace. This robot guy is never seen again. I just as curious as you are about who this person is, why s/he helped Boba Fett, and what the relevance is to the overall plot. As it stands, it’s simply a deus ex machina.

In panel 3, the windshield is missing. Maybe Boba Fett kicked it out with his bloody stump.

The transition between panels 4 and 5 is pretty abrupt. Apparently they just let Boba Fett right into the palace and showed him to the shipyard.

When I was a kid, I really didn’t know how to draw complicated machinery. One technique I used over and over again was making a “maze” on the surface of a machine, as seen on Slave 1, and later in this comic as well.

Oh, and apparently Boba Fett’s foot is back in panel 5. I guess Luke Skywalker has a robotic hand, so maybe the people at Jabba’s palace fixed up Boba Fett. Considering his bombastic entrance, though, I chalk up the additional foot as “artistic license.”

Boba Fett comic

Boba Fett’s reaction in panel 2 is a little obtuse. He just shot somebody and he’s flying off in his ship, and now he’s mad that somebody is shooting at him? What a hypocrite!

Okay, let’s address the elephant in panel 3: how is Jabba back to life? I was a pretty big Star Wars fan as a kid: I should’ve known better not to make such a continuity error like that!

Oh well, let’s press on to the great negotiation between Jabba and Fett! This is probably my favorite part of the comic, how big of a pushover Jabba is when it comes to negotiating.

Boba Fett comic

The big space battle! Han Solo and Chewie are flying around the galaxy, not sure where in the continuity this is, and the rebels are fighting the Empire. I really had fun drawing all the different mini-battles on this page. TIE Fighters crash into each other on the bottom, the X-Wing is on fire, and I think another X-Wing blew up in the lower left.

That TIE Fighter design in the middle left is borrowed from a Star Wars comic, perhaps Shadows of the Empire. That’s where I learned to draw the laser blasts as trapezoids to make them look like they are flying at the viewer. I guess I had so much fun with that design I decided to do it half a dozen times.

Boba Fett comic

Boba Fett shows up and decides this is his chance to catch Han Solo again. But in panel 4, it’s revealed that the Empire is trying to get Solo, too, and no longer wants any help from Fett (despite how it looks, that’s supposed to be a TIE pilot, not a squid-head).

Failing to heed their warnings, the Empire fires on Fett’s Slave 1, causing him to crash into the Millennium Falcon. The two ships spiral down to the planet of Gall, which I borrowed fromShadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64.

Boba Fett comic

A cliffhanger ending! Boba Fett and Han Solo, each falling toward Gall in their burning ships. Will they survive? Will Boba Fett catch Solo a second time, or will Han Solo escape? Find out in Part 2 of the Boba Fett Trilogy!

Part 2: Double Bounty

Boba Fett comic

After the success of Part 1, I immediately started on Part 2. This cover isn’t as good as the first. An iconic stormtrooper pose, to be sure, but he’s kind of leaning to the side and isn’t centered very well on the cover.

Boba Fett comic

In the last episode, Boba Fett and Han Solo got into a space entanglement and ended up crashing into each other. Falling quickly toward the surface of Gall, Boba Fett ejects from the Slave 1 just in time (his landing in panel 5 could be a little more graceful).

Remember, Boba Fett is trying to recollect the bounty on Han Solo for the (resurrected?) Jabba the Hutt.

In panel 8, apparently Boba Fett has a camera. He assumes that Han Solo is about to die, so he snaps some pictures of the flaming Millennium Falcon. His intention was to turn these photos into Jabba as proof that Han Solo was eliminated, allowing him to collect on the bounty.

Boba Fett comic

The unfinished final page. Boba Fett needs a new ship, so he plans on stealing one from the Empire. He blasts his way past a couple stormtroopers, and that’s it!

I do remember vaguely the plot of this issue. Boba Fett was going to find a ship, and then inadvertently come across Han Solo, who miraculously survived the crash. The Imperials clearly were looking for Han Solo, so Boba Fett was going to capture Han Solo again, turn him into the Empire, collect on a bounty the Empire had out for Solo (?), then go to Jabba with the pictures and collect the bounty on Solo again, tricking Jabba into thinking Han Solo was dead while giving the live Solo to the Empire (the “double bounty” spoken of on the cover).

And as for part 3, I’ll let you fill in the conclusion. Your guess is as good as mine.


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