My name is Dennis Frohlich. I am a scholar and study health communication practices in the online environment. I am also a gamer and teach a college course about the cultural impact of video games in America. I teach about web design as well.

This blog is my personal journal about my thoughts on video games, table top games, animation, and other nerdom. As a media scholar, I cannot help but analyze these things I love and how they affect me. If any of these topics interest you, take a look around! Let me know what you think; comment on my posts and share them with your friends.

Game on.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, Weird request however I am wanting to build a large Pop o Matic for an event ( making a giant Trouble set) and would love an advise you may have… Would you be happy to share some of your knowledge? thanks Jacs

    • Hi there!

      How big of a Pop-o-Matic are we talking about? Like for a life-size Trouble board, something several feet large?

      I’m really not sure how you’d go about building such a thing! It might be helpful to take a normal Trouble board apart to see how the Pop-o-Matic works. I was surprised to learn that it’s two thin pieces of metal that are bent in a certain way. But the dome doesn’t fit tightly over the metal pieces: there has to be some give so that you can press it down.

      Now, I’m not an engineer so I’m not sure how the normal Pop-o-Matic would scale if you made it bigger. Then again, a bigger Pop-o-Matic would have to be flexible enough so that people could actually press it down! The normal Pop-o-Matic is surprisingly hard to push down, even for adults!

      Maybe a small, round trampoline could be modified somehow. Or maybe instead of replicating the Pop-o-Matic perfectly, you instead make a little platform on top of a lever, then have people jump on the other end of the level to launched the dice in the air. Finding a giant, clear dome, though, to contain the dice might also be a challenge.

      So all that to say, I’m not really sure how you go about making a giant pop-o-matic! If you make any progress on it, let me know!


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