Minecraft Travelogue

Let’s Play videos are very popular these days. If you don’t know what LPs are, they are basically videos of people playing video games. Sometimes they function as strategy guides; sometimes people just screw around and offer their commentary while they play; and other times people make up their own stories.

I like LPs, but let’s be honest, I don’t have time to watch somebody’s 100+ videothon, especially when the videos are each longer than 10 minutes (and sometimes 30+ minutes!)

The Minecraft Travelogue is my attempt at a fictional playthrough of Minecraft. Inspired by the Far Lands or Bust LP, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. First, while technically my character is just walking west, the goal is not to accomplish anything, only to tell a decent story about Good and Evil, swords and witches. Second, my LP is in literary form, not video. The entries are meant to be read fairly quickly; I’m not here to waste your time.

To start from the beginning or to catch up on posts you’ve missed, check out the episode list below. Links open in a new window.

Happy mining!

Season 1 (Days 1-present)

Arc 1: Around and Back Again

1-3: Journey Across the World

4-6: The Town of Desert Rose

7-9: Obsidian Thief

10-11: White Horses and Signs

12-14: The Cross of Salvation

Arc 2: Lightning

15-17: The Pillar of Sand

18-20: Witch Hunter

21-24: Destroyer of Temples

25-27: Lightning

Arc 3: Witch Hunting

28-36: The Church of Foundation

37: Selina Went Missing

38: The Third Witch Denalia

39-41: The Swamp of Disenchantment

42-44: Searching for a Companion

Arc 4: Crossing the Orange Ocean

45-51: The Land Bridge

52-53: Enchantia

54-58: The Second Land Bridge

59-62: The Second Land Bridge

63-66: An Unexpected Fall

67-72: Restocking My Life

73-74: Death Comes Quickly

75-79: Henrietta and the Storm

80-91: The Tiny Island Terraform

Arc 5: Land Ho

92-94: Land Ho

95-99: The Completed Gate

100: The Unfortunate Fire

101-103: Floating Rock

104-112: The Wheat Field

113-114: The Goroth Temple

115-117: Preparing for the End

118-119: Searching for Diamonds

120-122: The Enchantment Table

123-124: The End of the Quest

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