Kill La Kill

Don’t lose your way ladies and gentlemen! Kay here and lets get down to it! The anime that I choose to review is Kill La Kill! Cue the nostalgia! This anime is a well done shounen anime that features a female protagonist. It is an action packed well animated show that features a great combat scenes, vivid imagery, and quality character development for across the board.

With that being said, FAN SERVICE is accompanied with the anime. Fan Service is materials included in the works, whether it is manga or anime, intended to please the audience. This can range from Easter eggs and small allusions to previous works or content, all the way to just half naked T&A service.  I personally don’t take an issue with it because I don’t feel like the show overdoes it like plenty of other anime that I have viewed. But, I do not recommend this show for young children due to the partial nudity and sexual references!

Still, the anime is very cohesive with all the elements that it incorporates and warrants a quality review! So, lets get started!

The show starts off by introducing a young woman whose father was murdered and she is left with very few clues to solve the mystery surrounding her father’s death and avenge him. After the murder of her father, Ryuko has been wandering the land in search of an information regarding the murderer. During her journey, she comes across half of the Scissor Blade, her father’s invention, and unearths a single clue about her father’s murder and the person responsible for it.

Ryuko ends up at Honnouji Academy! The academy is ruled by the cold-hearted Satsuki Kiryuuin, the student council president, and her underlings the Elite Four. An institution where the adults do nothing and constantly live in fear because of the power and authority of the student council president and her parents. A society in which social status and rank is determined by how well the students performs in school. Everything down to the school uniform called the Goku outfits are indicators of status and power.  The outfits allow the wearer to gain superhuman powers and range from One Star to Three Star. Will Ryuko be able to overcome the obstacles all by herself or will she make some friends along the way?

The show was created by the dynamic duo of Hiroyuki Imaishi & Kazuki Nakashima. These two were responsible for the hit show “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” before working for Studio Trigger. Studio Trigger is also responsible for “Little Witch Academia” and animated short series “Space Patrol Luluco”. Kill La Kill just so happens to be Studio Trigger’s first original animation series! Talk about starting off on the right foot!

The show premiered in Fall 2013 and aired from October 4, 2013 through March 28, 2014.  Toonami also hosted the show up until April 2016! The series is 24 episodes long and is subbed and dubbed for your viewing pleasure!

Ryuko Matoi is the protagonist if you have figured it out by now! She is a passionate heroine who’s drive to uncover the truth behind her father’s death is unmatched.

Satsuki Kiryiun is the student’ council president and rivals Ryuko in the show. She leads by striking fear into the hearts of the educators and students and with the help of Elite Four members maintaining order in the school.

Mako Manshoukou is Ryuko’s closest friend and first friend at Honnouji. She is lighthearted and a goof ball who keeps the mood of the show funny and light: serves as comic relief.

Aikuro Mikisugi is Mako and Ryuko’s homeroom teacher. He appears to know something about Ryuko from the beginning of the show but remains a mystery until the climax of the show. He is another character who serves as comic relief in the show.

The Elite Four are the top four members of the Student Council and Satsuki’s personal bodyguards/ generals. All of the Elite Four members have a three star Goku Uniform and serve as an interval part of the school’s activities.

Ira Gamagori- Disciplinary Committee Chair

Uzu Sanageyama- Athletic Committee Chair

Nonon Jakuzure- Non-Athletic Committee Chair

Hoka Inumata- Information and Strategy Committee Chair

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Origami to Strangers, From Strangers

I’ve never been satisfied with the assigned computers in my school offices. The school computers are always out-of-date, and every little update to internet browsers, Adobe, Flash, JavaScript, or any other essential piece of software requires authorization from IT. Of course, all these things offer updates every week, so naturally, they go un-updated (undated?). I’m not going to bother IT for every little thing.

Second, being that these computers are on the school network, they are loaded (encumbered is a better word) with security software. Because of all these layers of software and checks, plus the out-of-datedness of the computers itself, it always takes forever to log on.

A good five minutes, sometimes ten minutes if the computer’s been restarted (or restarted itself).

I have a lot of time on my hands, in other words.

Folding away the minutes

I use this time, then, to fold. My entire library of origami books is in my office, plus a file drawer full of different papers. This school year I bought a Star Wars origami book. All of the models are new to me, so I thought this would help me pass the time.

Star Wars Origami

The book can be purchased cheaply on Amazon.

Students and colleagues are always pleased by my origami, so I decided to do something different this year. Outside my office I have a small bulletin board. As I complete the models, I pin the models to the board and entice people to take them. The folding is what makes me happy; giving away the finished model makes other people happy. Here’s the current state of my board. Notice the A-Wing blasting away at the fire alarm.

Origami Board

If you can’t read the caption, it says “Do you enjoy origami as much as I do? Take one! It’ll brighten your day! I’ll just make more!”

Sometimes I see the models show up on other people’s boards: other times, they just disappear. I hope they find good homes.

Recently, though, I noticed something different. Somebody else left me a model:

Mysterious origami crane

A classic model, but one that still brightened my day. This person folded the model a little differently than I usually do. They only puffed the back pyramid shape halfway: I usually flatten it completely, but I kind of like the half-puffed look.

So here’s to the secret language of origami, communicated between people in-the-know.

Fold on,